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We use different types of the laser technology we are using in our office. To treat periodontal disease, we use the ND:Yag Periolase MVP-7 laser. In the spring of 2016, this ND:Yag laser received recognition from the FDA for bone regeneration. This is in addition to its long-standing FDA recognition for treating periodontal disease/deep pockets. This confirms clinically repeated clinical findings: periodontal pockets improve and bone can often be regrown using this laser technology.

The Periolase MVP-7 allows the treatment of periodontal disease with a minimally invasive approach. There is no need for incisions or stitches. And post-laser treatment, patients tend to have less immediate post-operative discomfort compared to traditional periodontal surgery.

Also post-laser treatment, there is less recession, or lengthening, of teeth after laser treatment making the Periolase laser the preferred approach for treating front teeth with periodontal disease. In addition, patients who are on blood thinners do not have to stop their medications to have laser periodontal therapy.

To treat soft tissue concerns, we also use a Diode laser. This laser ia used for the following common indications:

  1. Gingivectomy or reshaping of excess tissue
  2. Frenectomy or removal of aberrant muscle attachments
  3. Uncovering of dental implants
  4. Desensitization of ulcers
  5. Biopsy

The Diode laser works at a different wavelength from the ND:Yag laser making it the optimal choice for many of the soft-tissue procedures listed above. Like the ND:Yag laser, patients have less post-operative discomfort compared to traditional periodontal surgery.